Trex® Decking Downloads

Trex® Australia Residential Booklet

Trex® booklet showcasing all things Trex available in Australia.

Trex® Installation Guide - Australia 2021

Installation guide specifically for Australian conditions.

Decking Solutions - Trex® Flyer

A handy little flyer to show your customers the basic range of Trex® products

5 Things to Consider When Building a Deck

Some handy tips to help guide you through deciding on what decking material is best for your application.

Trex® Australia BAL Testing Results 

Trex® Decking BAL Testing results for Australia - please check with your local council & certifier

Trex® Decking Care & Cleaning Guide

Care and cleaning guide for Trex® Decking 

Trex® Literature Centre

For all downloads via the Australian Trex® website


Trex® Railing Downloads

Trex® Rail Brochure

Simple Trex® Railing brochure showcasing kits available. 


Trex® Protect Downloads

Trex® Protect Brochure

Trex® Protect joist and bearer tape benefits explained along with installation.

Trex® Protect Install Guide

Brief run through of the steps involved in laying Trex® Protect.


Trex® Rain Escape Downloads

Trex® Rain Escape Brochure

Trex® Rain Escape benefits explained along with simple installation methods.


Trex® Lighting Downloads

Deck Light Brochure - Trex® Deck Lighting

Features and benefits of Trex® Deck Lighting.

Trex® Lighting Install Guide

Trex® Lighting install guide - please note not all products available in Australia.


Klevaklip Downloads

KlevaKlip Snap-LOC Clip for Trex® Decking Brochure

Klevaklip's brochure for their specifically designed snap-loc clip for Trex® Composite Decking.

KlevaKlip Snap-LOC Clip Instructions for Trex® Decking

Install guide for Klevaklip's Snap-Loc for Trex® Composite Decking.

KlevaKlip Patio Deck Kit Installation

Step by step installation guide for Klevaklip's Patio Deck Kit.

Klevaklip Building Products Brochure

Brochure on all of Klevaklip's building product range.


Deck Wire Downloads

Deck Wire Brochure

Handy brochure of Decking Solutions stainless steel balustrading systems.

Deck Wire Order Form

Simple order form for our Deck Wire Kits.

Black Deck Wire Order Form

Simple order form for our Deck Wire Kits in Black.


Eco Tile Downloads

Eco Tile Brochure

Simple brochure on our Eco Tile - call for more details